The Great Canadian Fiddle Holiday Show is bringing traditional fiddling and step dancing to the Aeolian Hall.

The Great Canadian Fiddle Show is a fiery performance of traditional Canadian fiddle music from some of the top fiddlers in the nation. The show preserves and celebrates Canada’s rich musical heritage through traditional fiddling and step dancing. Visiting the breadth of the nation’s diverse regional styles, the show captivates audiences with energy and mastery.

The Great Canadian Fiddle Holiday Show is a collaboration of some of the best fiddlers in country uniting to create an amazingly energetic show. The musicians and dancers put on an electrifying performance in what feels like a massive kitchen party on stage. It’s a true Canadian experience during the holiday season.

Get ready to tap your toes along to the driving Old Time melodies, as you are swept across the nation for an afternoon of Canadian tunes and holiday favourites.