Celina is available for private or group fiddle, violin, viola, mandolin and piano lessons at Celina's String Studio, In London, Ontario. Celina is also a fully certified Mark O'Connor Method Teacher. 

For details on private IN-HOME or ONLINE SKYPE lessons, or to BOOK a lesson contact celinadicecca@gmail.com


LEVEL 1 FIDDLE GROUP CLASS Tuesdays 6:45pm-7:30pm (no experience necessary)

     * An intro or recap to fiddle music, the instrument and its many styles.

     * Class runs from September 17th-December 10th 2019. * 13 Classes * Cost: $220.00

FOREST CITY FOLK ORCHESTRA Tuesday’s 7:30pm-8:45pm

London’s first community folk orchestra for novice, amateur and retired musicians who are looking to be a part of a fun musical ensemble. We will be learning, performing and exploring the world of folk and trad styles through melody, harmony and rhythm. Have fun playing music with your neighbours.

     * All ages, levels and folk instruments welcome!

     * Fall Session - September 17-December 10 2019 * Cost: $220.00

     * Winter Session - January 7- March 31 2020 * Cost: $220.00

     * Spring Session - April 7- June 23 2020 * Cost: $220.00

FALL REGISTRATION NOW OPEN. Contact celinadicecca@gmail.com to sign up.

*All classes and ensembles take place at Stoney Creek Baptist Church.

LIVE ONLINE SKYPE Lessons available! Email Celina for more details.


Music plays an integral part of an individual's education as well as their own self expression. A music educator's responsibility is to provide well-prepared, quality instruction to help each student realize his or her own individual potential and abilities. It is Celina's String Studio's belief that every student, no matter what challenges they are faced with, benefits from music instruction.

  Music itself is a unique discipline. It can integrate many other subjects and disciplines such as science, math, and history into its curriculum, thus, providing students with a more well rounded and holistic education.

  Many other invaluable life lessons can be taught and fostered through music instruction: self-discipline, teamwork, cooperation, tolerance, respect, as well as the building of independent and critical thinking skills.

Through my education, love and passion for music, my goal is to inspire students and to help them realize their great potential, all while having fun at the same time.